Audio Cleaner Pro full review

If you’re over 30 years of age, the chances are you have a collection of vinyl as well as CDs and downloads. The problem is if you don’t have a record deck any longer. Equally, you could be engaged in recording interviews and need to clean up the audio for use as podcasts.

Enter Audio Cleaner Pro which can read CDs directly – useful for old recordings, load audio files or record directly using the built-in mic. However, you are better off find some other way of sampling your old record collection than using the mic as the results from it are poor.

Otherwise, once you have your audio you can edit and trim parts, though the interface is a law unto itself, before applying various noise reduction filters. These tackle clicks, hissing, crackling, random noise and blown out peaks. Each of them can be set separately and the app can also examine the audio and suggest which ones to use. Once cleaned up the track can be optimised for quality, voice, dynamics and a stereo effect before being exported as a WAV, audio CD or MP3 file.

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