Bookmark for iPhone full review

Audiobook fans, it may be safe to assume, are not unlike ordinary readers. Bibliophiles and audiophiles are not mutually exclusive or hostile camps. Many book readers enjoy listening to books as they commute, because it’s dangerous to read and drive, or it makes multitasking on a bus, train, or plane a little easier.

The trouble with listening to an audiobook, whether on the iPhone or an iPod touch, is that iTunes doesn’t give the serious reader/listener many options. You press play, you listen, you pause. Although that arrangement has the virtue of simplicity, it isn’t always enough.

You quit iTunes, you lose your place, you hunt for the spot where you paused - it’s a nightmare. Why can’t pick up where you left off? Why can’t you mark a particularly interesting passage? Why can’t you annotate a segment? You can’t write in the margins of an audiobook.

DockMarket’s Bookmark app for the iPhone and iPod touch is the reader-friendly audiobook app that booklovers and listeners have been waiting for. It’s not a perfect app, by any means, and it’s missing some essential features. But the app’s foundations are strong enough to give one hope for an audiobook app that evolves into an indispensable utility over time.

The user interface is clean and pleasant to navigate. The screen displays the book title and author, along with a time and scroll bar. In the middle of the screen is a fast-forward and rewind button—about which more below. And, finally, there are four prominent buttons near the bottom of the screen—a large pause button, a bookmark button, “notes” and “more.” You can also adjust the book’s volume with your thumb at the very bottom of the screen.

The app will launch a recording automatically when you tap on a title. If you need to close the app to take a call, or the app closes suddenly, Bookmark will keep track of where you left off, and display your progress for every book in your library.

NEXT: Ability to bookmark audio sections

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