Djay full review

Algoriddim’s Djay is an iTunes-integrated DJ mixer, with real-time networking and a host of other handy features. Though aimed at professional knob twiddlers it’s also fun for amateurs, whether you mix live or to disc.

Launch Djay for the first time and you’re presented with two virtual record decks. To get started you simply drag and drop tunes from your iTunes Library – which is listed in a pane on the right of the application window – to these decks. The virtual decks behave very much like old-fashioned, real-world turntables. You can place the stylus anywhere on the record, play back your tune at the normal speed or change the tempo using the sliders. You can scratch or cue up sections manually by moving the cursor over the decks. Like a real DJ turntable, you can cross-fade between the two decks – that’s where the mixing comes in.

There are lots of benefits to mixing in the virtual world too. For example, you can measure the beats per minute of one tune by tapping on the BPM button, then synchronise the tempo of both decks. You can save up to three cue points on each deck, then jump to them with the click of a button. You can even add live effects to each track – including compression, delay and bandwidth filters.

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