Moody review

Question: What are your favourite tunes to listen to before going out on Saturday night? How about the morning after? And when you’re home from work, what do you pick then? If those questions instantly bring songs and sounds to mind, then Moody's probably for you.

While iTunes already has a built-in method for rating and sorting tracks, Moody enables you to colour code your music collection according to your emotions. Moody displays a coloured grid that runs from sad to happy on the horizontal axis, and calm to intense on the vertical. It integrates with iTunes, allowing you to tag songs or groups of songs as you listen. A bit of pastoral folk gets a calm, melancholy tag. A slab of house will be intense and uplifting. After spending a while with Moody, you’ll have a set of playlists for almost any mood you can think of.

If all this sounds a bit time-consuming, you’d be right. Fortunately, like an increasing number of clever Mac applications, Moody can automatically source the solution for you. As users enter tags, they’re uploaded to a database, and you can highlight songs in iTunes and let the database tag your tunes for you. Instant bliss. Or misery, if that’s what you’re after.


This is clever software, but still in version one. Our fantasy incarnation of Moody would have a built-in algorithm that could judge intensity by loudness or beats per minute, or decide if a song is happy according to its key. But right now, it’s a great toy to add to iTunes – and free, if you’re too tight to donate.

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