PodWorks 2.9.2 full review

PodWorks remains the tool every iPod owner should have. It compensates for the iPod’s one major flaw – though some might call it a security measure. it allows you to copy songs from your iPod to any Mac running OS X (10.4 or higher). In this latest version it supports the iPhone too, making it the first such tool on the market.

Like all the best Mac applications, PodWorks is both simple and powerful. It connects quickly to your iPod, listing its content in seconds.

This is because it doesn’t mess around trying to read every song – instead, it reads your iPod’s internal database. As long as everything’s in sync, this means instant access to your songs.

Copying the contents of your iPod couldn’t be easier. To back up an entire device, click ‘Copy All’. PodWorks allows you to browse for a selected folder and back-up your entire iPod.

Preferences enable you to control how the files are backed up – allowing you to preserve album and artist directories and automatically rename files on the fly.

Of course, you can select individual tracks to back up, or copy playlists to your local machine.

As well as copying files locally, PodWorks can send your songs direct to iTunes, preserving the stored metadata, including date added and star rating.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that it can be saved to your iPod rather than installed on every machine you need to access.

It saves your registration details, so you can run it on computers you’ve never even plugged your iPod into before.

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