Radioshift full review

While online TV finds its feet, online radio continues to thrive. You can use iTunes to access a selection of internet radio stations, but Rogue Amoeba Radioshift offers dedicated access to music, talk and sport online.

The software ships with a built-in programming guide, with instant access to more than 50,000 radio stations. Very impressive – and we haven’t even mentioned Radioshift’s killer feature yet. The program automatically records scheduled, online radio shows for later listening. In other words, it turns your Mac into a PVR for radio. You’re not confined to internet radio either; with the right peripheral attached – the software recommends Griffin Radio Shark – you can tune in, listen to and record AM/FM radio, too.

With more and more media to sift through, many of us overlook the rich seam of content that’s still distributed by radio. Radioshift makes sure you don’t miss the best shows in the schedule. It’s easy to use as well.

If you want to record radio, simply click the “Subscribe” button on a station in the guide. You’re taken to a subscription page where you can set up a recording timer. Once you have Just a Minute or the Chris Moyles Show backed up to your hard drive, you can edit the audio using a built in tool or send the file to your iTunes library.

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