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A well-configured recording studio can be a terrific place to work. Recording, patching effects, and mixing is easy, because the right tools are never far away. The interfaces for accomplishing tasks are familiar, designed according to decades of accumulated convention and history.

At its best, Propellerhead’s Record combines these elements with the flexibility and open-ended nature of working on a computer, all in a package that runs comfortably on any recent (Intel) Mac.

Record is equally distinctive in what it does not do, eliminating features like MIDI hardware output, plug-in support, notation views, video scoring, and other features now common in Digital Audio Workstations. But this philosophy–emulate the best features of hardware, and cut out what you may not need–will be familiar to users of the developer’s flagship application, Reason. Having revealed with Reason its take on racks of synths and drum machines, Propellerhead now shows us how it views audio recording and production.

Input with Record
True to its name, Record will have you recording audio from a mic or instrument input quickly. Create an audio track, and Record adds a record-enabled track with a virtual rack of effects and utilities to go with it. There's even a tuner built into the track's lane in the sequencer, in case you need to check tuning on your instrument.

Record is set up by default to store multiple takes when looping is turned on. As with Apple's Logic Studio, there's an easy mode for comping, or making a single composite track out of the best bits of different recorded takes. With a single click or drag, you can choose slices of different takes to use in the final track, and apply cross-fades.

The ability to connect live audio input and record audio is a feature that has been notably absent in Propellerhead's Reason, to the frustration of many Reason users. Easy integration between the two products means that adding Record to Reason finally fills this gap.

Purchase both, and Reason's extensive collection of terrific virtual effects can now process live input, including even the ability to route audio signals into Reason synthesizers for modulation. Audio input and recording isn't all Record brings to the table, however.

NEXT: Mixing, processing, and audio warping

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