Snowtape 1.5 full review

The best media don’t die, they adapt. That’s why radio is still going strong, whether analogue, DAB or online. Don’t believe us? Terry Wogan’s old breakfast show had 8.1 million listeners. That’s about the same number of folks who tune into see a normal episode of Doctor Who.

Like most media, radio is online now, fragmenting into smaller stations for smaller audiences. Media players like QuickTime and Real Player can be used to tune in. Snowtape takes a different tack, though: it’s all radio, all of the time – no distractions, no inline adverts and no video.

There’s a directory to find stations, a series of tools to bookmark them and tools to record and edit them. Yep – that last bit’s right. Snowtape’s biggest benefit is that you can press record while listening to a station and save any show in glorious, digital audio.

That’s not all, once in your library, you can use built-in editing tools to trim programs down. That means making your own podcast-style shows – all talk and no music. Better than that, Snowtape can automatically split audio files between tracks and delete adverts from commercial radio. When edited, you can export audio to iTunes for portable listening.

Snowtape has global reach, tapping into stations broadcast online across the globe. You can search by keyword, country or genre – honing into the shows you like. And, if Snowtape doesn’t have what you want in it’s directory, you can enter URLs direct.

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