Sonicfire Pro 5 [Mac] full review

It’s difficult to know what true musicians would make of SonicfirePro5 – a tool aimed at video makers looking for easy-to-source stock music for their clips. They might think it lacks sophistication, but for more casual users it offers the chance to edit your music based on your own preferences as you listen to it.

On the one hand, there are tools in the full, professional version for arranging and creating your own soundtracks using raw sound files. On the other, the bulk of the program is aimed at replacing the need to create bespoke music for videos entirely. Instead, it uses a multi-track, layering system that enables people with no musical skill to edit any compatible track for length and more.

Need exactly 37 seconds of smooth jazz? Simply select the appropriate track from the library and change the duration of the tune to your needs. If the trumpet’s too loud, you can turn the volume down. If the bass needs to be more prominent, you can take care of that too.

In fact, you don’t even need to know which individual instruments to tweak – because SonicFire Pro has a drop-down menu that enables you to edit the ‘mood’ of the tune. These presets pump up the drum and bass tracks when more liveliness is required or foreground the lead instruments action requires more subtle accompaniment.

The program’s main interface in the Scoring Edition gives the musically minded even more control over individual tracks. Here you can swap around sample slices, individually edit instruments and add multiple moods to one tune. You can even change the emphasis of beats The results are often impressive.

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