TapeDeck full review

Readers of a certain age will remember portable cassette recorders. These chunky, plastic items were found in many homes – used for music playback, loading games into ZX Spectrum computers and secretly recording the snoring of sleeping dads.

TapeDeck is a fun and functional recreation of those 80s cassette recorders, complete with tape whir as you rewind, clunking buttons and ‘cassettes’ you can store your recordings on. Brilliant to play with, TapeDeck is useful too, providing an instantly recognisable interface that takes seconds to adjust to. It even extends the metaphor to a handy drawer full of previous recordings, which looks like a stack of compact cassette spines.

The reproduction isn’t entirely faithful. If it were, TapeDeck would be a poor digital recorder. This contemporary version enables you to record at different sample resolutions to either get high quality or conserve disk space. You can also scrub through a recording using a discreetly designed slider that negates the need to fast forward or rewind through lengthy stretches of audio.

Some other features your old tape recorder certainly didn’t have are the ability to transfer recordings to iTunes, email them to friends or upload to YouTube. We imagine, too, that you’ll never have to clean the capstan with a cotton bud or wince as your copy of Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits gets chewed up.

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