TuneRanger full review

Many of us like to keep our iTunes content on more than one computer so that we can listen to music or watch videos wherever we are, but the downside to this is that keeping your collection accurately synced can often cause headaches. And although the Apple Store allows you to authorise multiple machines, there’s not currently a device to synchronise their tunes and video and podcast content.

TuneRanger sets out to simplify the process by connecting any computer you access – be it at home, work or on the move – over the internet with all your iTunes-authorised machines.

It’s quick and easy to download, and setting up is a breeze. You’ll need a registration serial number from the TuneRanger website for it to work, but this is valid for up to four machines and costs £19.99, which should satisfy most users. You need a disk-enabled iPod, which means that the iPod touch and iPhone aren’t compatible.
TuneRanger delivers an impressive set of features, allowing synchronisation of both music and video files, and also precise management of playlists. Better still, it means you can optimise the content in iTunes by managing duplicates, removing orphaned files and also reconnecting media files where they’ve become truncated or moved around on your computer.

But there’s one feature that excites us more than others – the capacity for hooking up to other computers, over a local network or via the web.

We connected a desktop Mac to a Windows PC via an internet connection and it took minutes. You can either scan for available machines or add an IP address manually and the application locks on and is ready for business in seconds. Once connected, you can move songs backwards and forwards or sync entire libraries.

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