Ubercaster 1.6 full review

Hey there, podcasters. Still using GarageBand when you’re recording your show? Then maybe it’s time to step up to Ubercaster. You can tell it’s better than GarageBand for podcasting straightaway, because it has the word ‘uber’ in the name – and when you first open it, you have no idea how it works.

Ah yes, the curse of the unfamiliar interface. Ubercaster is from the Reason school of UI design, with a set of hardware-inspired tools that looks great and should be easy to use, but that actually takes a while to work out. Once you’ve been through the documentation, though, you’ll soon be layering up sound, recording with a single click and mixing multiple inputs on multiple tracks. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can create templates to get off to a swifter start.

The name Ubercaster doesn’t seem quite so boastful when you begin to break down the features. For example, there’s built-in support for VoIP applications using the bundled Pleasant Connect – and dedicated features for recording straight from Skype. Want to pepper your podcast with soundbites and audio effects? With Ubercaster you can load them in and cue them up in advance, triggering them as you record your podcast ‘as live’. You can even do channel fades using keyboard shortcuts.

So far, so comprehensive. The same can be said for Ubercaster’s export tools, which give you a wide range of output options, including format choices (MP3, AIFF, ACC) alongside bit rate options for streaming.

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