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White Noise from developer TMSOFT is billed as a popular iOS app that's more recently been made available to Mac users. The app provides a wide range of ambient noises - loops of rain, thunder, wind and the like - which are meant to aid rest, sleep and generally make you feel better. If you work in a noisy environment you might also want to consider White Noise with decent headphones as a way to block out annoying distractions. It's a nice idea, that is further enhanced by the ability to select variations of sounds, rain particularly, from gentle pitter patter to heavy downpours. 

While the list of ambient sound options is impressive, some - various colours of noise, hair dryer, washer and more - appear to be more of a distraction then anything else. Users can add to these presets using the Mix Pad or by visiting the user generated White Noise Market, which includes such delights as bird song and wind blowing through a tall field of wild grass in St. Lucia.

White Noise  

White Noise, as you might expect, comes with clock functions with the ability to set sleep and alarm options via a built in Time Manager. Events can be set to stop sound, exit the app, play alarm, play sound, play mix and put your Mac to sleep. This is a good idea, but if you have gone so far to relax as to get into bed remember to place your MacBook somewhere safe before falling asleep.  

White Noise  

White Noise comes with a cover flow interface of static images reflecting each sound, a log fire for instance when you listen to the campfire option. If you are working or listening while lying down or in bed it's hard to believe this eye candy, pleasant as it might be, will ever been viewed more than once.

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