WireTap Studio 1.0.1 full review

WireTap Studio is an application that focuses on easily capturing audio from your computer, so you can record sounds – such as podcasts and MySpace tracks and format them for your iPod. You can also perform non-destructive editing and preview audio files in a variety of formats.

On launching WireTap Studio, a recording controller appears, from which you choose a recording source. From this controller you also select an audio format (AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV, or lossless .mov) and a quality setting. You’ll find Record, Stop, and Pause buttons and a LivePreview button so you can click to hear how your audio will sound when processed with the selected setting. LivePreview also lets you non-destructively apply effects. changes only become permanent when you export your file.

Completed and imported recordings appear in WireTap Studio’s Library window. Within this window you can create groups and drag recordings to them. Along the bottom of the window are export buttons marked Local, Server, iDisk, eMail, Bluetooth, iPod, iTunes, and iPhone (for ringtones). Select the file and click one of these buttons and the file will be transferred using the correct format.

A Waveform view lets you trim the beginning and end of the file with sliders. Any of these edits can be undone, even after you’ve saved the file.

Along the bottom-left of the editing window are Play and Stop buttons, a timeline, volume levels display, and Loop and Scrub buttons.

Under the File menu, you’ll find a Timed Recording command. Invoke it and you can ask for a one-time recording that you can configure to run for a particular duration or to start and stop at specific times. It’s ideal for recording radio shows.

On the minus side, WireTap Studio has a few rough edges. It could be more communicative with iTunes, and tagging could be smarter.

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