45 iPod Case full review

They say you need to learn from history if you want to create the future, so it’s nice to see Contexture Design’s artistic representation of the link between old and new music-delivery formats as seen in the form of its unique range of 45 iPod cases.

Surprisingly, vinyl is a good material for its new role as an iPod case, because it’s both hard and flexible. The design of this ever-changing range of cases is really quite clever. Thick padded material (40 per cent recycled felt) is secured to one side to form the inner housing, protecting your digital music player from the ridges on the record. The single is then folded up to create the case. The way it’s folded leaves the centre hole of the single above the iPod’s click wheel, which is the same size. This lets you control your music player while it’s in the case.

There’s also a hole in the case above the click wheel so you can see the screen. A clear plexiglass screen protector is included, which is indented slightly so it fits the screen tightly, leaving no sharp edges. There’s another hole at the bottom of the case for access to the dock connector.

These cases aren’t primarily about protection, as critical areas of the iPod, including the dock connector and top, are exposed and will scrape against anything sharp, hard or abrasive you may have in your pocket. They are also clearly hand-made, with a slight rough-and-ready DIY chic about them – but we like this personal touch, it’s part of the magic of these products.

Supplies of any model are limited by the number of original singles the designers can get. A list of available models is available on the company’s website, with a new batch of builds added each week. This means you need to move fast to get the one that most catches your eye.

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