Crystal Jacket full review

Power Support’s Crystal Jacket ships in a nice black box with silver writing on it that states: “Complements the aesthetic of the player.” What this means is that the transparent plastic iPod face cover and sticky film lets you see the device, not the case. What it doesn’t explain is that while you can ensure your iPod won’t get scratched using the solution, you enjoy no protection beyond that.

The system consists of a clear plastic face protector with a hole in it to let you access the click wheel, and several pieces of sticky plastic film (which are apparently “free”, according to a plastic sticker on front of the box). The sticky film is designed to provide low-level protection to the click wheel and back of the iPod. In fact, the 3D Wheel Film is patented, for some reason. If you must pimp out your iPod with plastic, you just apply the stickers carefully to the device, then pop the front plate on. That’s it – you’ll barely know it’s there because your iPod is no bulkier than it was already.

That’s assuming the front plate stays on, of course, which it doesn’t. The “solution” ships with no clear instruction to explain how to ensure the hard plastic front face remains connected to the iPod. Once you’ve put the films on the face of the iPod, that hard face grips better, but still falls off if you do something outrageously physical with your music player, such as put it in your pocket or use it. The only real protection you get from this kit is from the “free” sticky-backed plastic, which doesn’t offer any protection for the sides of the device, but does offer an excellent level of adhesion. The glue is so strong that there is at least one 60GB iPod that will have a piece of plastic permanently stuck to its click wheel for the rest of its working life, as a gentle reminder of this ludicrous product.

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