Cygnett GrooveTransmit full review

The Cygnett GrooveTransmit is a FM transmitter for iPhone and iPod that gives you the freedom to play your favourite tunes, audio books and podcasts over your car's stereo.

Out the box a little assembling is required to attach the dock to the rather stiff but sturdy gooseneck arm. Plug the gooseneck into your car's cigarette lighter adaptor, adjust the arm for comfort and usability and slide your iPhone or iPod into the padded rubberised cradle. Once you have connected your device to the iPod dock connector you can squeeze the cradle’s adjustable arms to ensure a tight fit for travel. The unit comes with a separate cigarette lighter support collar with rubber ring for an extra secure fit and tricky installations, which is rather fiddly and could easily be lost.

A switch on the back of the adaptor, although facing you, activates the unit. It doesn't require any additional power or batteries other than your car's cigarette lighter adaptor. The front of the cradle offers some basic but intuitive controls for frequency up and down and comes with four memory presets along with a frequency display.

The overall design - black with silver trim - is no eye catcher, and doesn't match your iPhone or iPod for good looks. If you are familiar with FM transmitters set up is fairly straightforward via your car's radio and the unit’s controls include a handy auto-scan function. Cygnett promises the optimum sound possible by finding the best FM frequency and in our tests playback was impressive. Sound reproduction depends both on audio bit-rates and the quality of your car's stereo.

The Cygnett GrooveTransmit automatically charges your iPhone and iPod when docked so you can enjoy a long journey without your batteries suddenly dying. The dock's rubberised cradle should ensure your iPod doesn't get marked or scratched with constant use although the rubber does appear to mark up with excessive use.

The transmitter includes a 3.5mm audio-in socket for other MP3 players, which may prove surplus to requirements. The included Quick Start Guide all makes sense but uses a tiny type face which is not ideal for reading in a car.

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