Disko full review

On the one hand, the Disko case is a good-quality solid polycarbonate transparent iPod case that helps keep your music player clean while protecting it from accidental damage; on the other, it’s a set of disco lights you can carry with you to pull out of your pocket whenever you feel like dancing.

While you can access all the iPod’s controls while it is in the case, the area of the case that surrounds the iPod’s click wheel carries a series of sixteen tiny LED lights. The lights each have three colours (red, green and blue) and are programmed to work in five different lighting sequences. To conserve battery life, these are powered by their own set of small watch batteries.

The little disco lamps are motion activated. You just need to give your music player a quick shake and the lights will flash colourfully for a few moments. While you won’t get much joy from this in the daytime, at night the effect is highly entertaining. Though the Disko could be dismissed as no more than another flashy way to show off the fact that you own an iPod, it will attract many iPod users looking for something unique, with a high attached ‘mirth value rate’ (or MVR).

As an iPod case, the Disko offers decent protection. It’s a two-part design. The frontpiece slips onto the front of the music player and holds a small flip-opening aperture for the batteries. The battery holder prevents access to the iPod’s dock connector to attach other devices. Disko ships with two backplates, one for the 30GB model, the other for 60GB and 80GB iPods, which are thicker. The two pieces clip together relatively securely, but are likely to come apart on impact should you foolishly drop the player.

The case hosts two openings so you can connect headphones and use the lock. The presence of these holes means dust and dirt could gather inside the case when you carry the iPod in your pocket or bag, but it does protect against accidental scratches and minor bumps. Some covers for the open gaps would have been a nice touch.

When you wrap an iPod up in the Disko you can still see the music player’s slick design through the transparent case.

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