Action Jacket full review

DLO’s Action Jacket fits both models of iPod nano. Available in three colours the lightweight padded case ships with a strong Velcro-closing armband and carries a strong plastic clip.

All the components of the kit (bar the plastic parts) are made of tough fabric. That’s important because, when you hit the gym or the local park for an exercise session, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to sweat, and you don’t want plastic or polyurethane close to your damp skin – it’ll itch and feel uncomfortable. The strap wraps securely around most arms, though those with smaller biceps will have to experiment to achieve the most secure fit.

You needn’t worry about the sweat you’ll gather in your attempt to get fit and in-shape for summer: the fabric exterior of the iPod nano case conceals a plastic face protector, and the rear of the case is kept a short distance away from your bulging biceps by the belt/arm strap clip at the back of the contraption, and its hidden plastic-supporting structure which nestles inside the case. In simple terms, this means you’ll be able to ape whatever fitness guru you choose to follow without the added concern (or easy-to-adopt excuse) that all this exercise will pump your iPod full of potentially damaging moisture.

While we tested the rather attractive lurid green, the Action Jacket for iPod nano is also available in blue and pink. Comfortable to wear, the case lets you access all the ports, sockets and other doo-dads that let you control the player (including the lock button). Despite the clear plastic face protector, you can still use the click wheel effectively.

Did we mention that the Action Jacket is comfortable to wear? It is. Once you get the tension on the arm strap right, you won’t feel it’s there, and this means you can maximise your physical training/suffering while listening to your perfect get-fit soundtrack.

Less a criticism than an observation: it would be nice if the pouch or armband secreted a small pocket for your credit card or a little cold hard cash. Do you really want to leave these items in the locker room?

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