DR-G250DP and DR-EX230DP full review

Sony’s refreshed its range of earphones and we’ve looked at two of its latest creations – the DR-G250DP and the EX-230DP. The DR-G250DP hands-free headset (pictured) provides extra versatility with its integrated retractable microphone – it’s ideal for VoIP (voice over IP) calls and online gaming.

The DR-G250DP features a neckband headset that is worn behind your head and secured with comfortable clips. The headset is lightweight without feeling too flimsy. It’s compact to carry around because it can be folded, and the 3m cord offers additional flexibility. Even at its loudest volume, sound quality with the headset is full and sharp. The bass was particularly impressive.

The DR-G250DP features an integrated flexible pipe microphone that can be extended by pulling the tip. This is designed to minimise surrounding noise and seems effective. The end of the microphone can be bent and positioned for precise audio recording. The microphone is retracted by turning a dial on the side.

Sony’s other new headphone set, the DR-EX230DP, fits into the ear rather than around the back of the head. The headphones come with a less impressive 1.2m cord but do, like the DR-G250DP, feature an integrated microphone. However, this in-line mic cannot be positioned in the same way. We found that the quality of recordings was inferior. The bass quality was unimpressive, too, although the overall sound quality was still clear. The EX230DP comes with a convenient carry case and includes three sizes of silicone earbuds.

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