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Either you hold it out in front of you and get arm ache, or you position it in your lap to save your arm, but get neck ache from looking down at it. Brenthaven has come up with a solution, at least for long journeys on planes and trains where you have a table or something in front of you on which to place your iPod.

<>p>Brenthaven is best known for its laptop bags, but the company has now joined the iPod case game with its Flip Case. The Flip Case is a rigid-leather slide-in case that offers protection for your 5G iPod, although the entire top edge, the screen, and the click wheel are exposed. A large opening – almost too large – at the bottom of the case provides access to your iPod’s dock-connector port. The Flip Case is not a flip case in the normal sense – there isn’t a cover that flips over the front of your iPod – what gives the Flip Case its name is that if you remove the iPod from the case, and then flip the case over, an opening on the back of the case acts as a stand for your iPod – for example, for watching video or viewing photos. Brenthaven has applied for a patent for the design.

It’s a unique idea that has one flaw: although the thinner 30GB iPods fit very well in the slot, reclining to a good angle for viewing, the opening is a bit too narrow to allow the thicker 60GB or 80GB iPods to recline adequately.

The moulded hard-shell case is available in brown leather with a light-blue suede lining, or black leather with a green suede lining. While it adds quite a lot of bulk and weight to the iPod, the Flip Case looks great, and the ability to prop up the iPod for viewing videos is a godsend for long journeys.

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