Hipper 100 full review

Into every life a little light must shine, and MobiNote’s Hipper 100 system takes this to the max: its white and grey egg-shaped speakers cycle through ten lighting colours to match your music to your mood.

The system works with any music-playing device that’s equipped with a line-out jack, and is compatible with on-the-go USB devices such as card readers and pen drives.

iPod users connect up using the provided mini-jack cable. The system doesn’t recharge the iPod as it plays, but does offer decent sound output, and a built-in MP3 audio chip manipulates the colour and patterns of Hipper 100’s LED display to reflect the music being played. Sound from the device is surprisingly good, considering the speakers offer only 2W of output.

However, if you want a better sound, the system also has a mini-jack line-out port, so you can enjoy your music on a more powerful system.

This attractive retro system is ideally sized for a bedside table. On-board controls include on/off, lighting mode, volume control, line-in and line-out ports. The colour-changing atmospheric egg is mains-powered, so there’s an input for the power adaptor, too.

There are four lighting modes. Music mode changes colour in time to the music’s rhythm; Dynamic does the same, but the colour changes are faster; Soft mode slowly changes colour in time to the music; while White is ideal for reading by. The light can be switched off while continuing to listen to music.

One criticism is the lack of a dedicated iPod connection. Although you can connect an iPod using the supplied mini-jack cable, the unit on test had a flaky connection using the supplied cables, making for an uneven listening experience.

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