iClear for iPod classic full review

The iClear from Griffin offers great protection for your iPod classic (it’s available for touch and iPhone too), without spoiling your iPod’s good looks.

The sturdy acrylic case offers a clear front with a hole for clickwheel access, and a rather natty-looking frosted back. The two parts click together securely, although once it’s on it feels a bit dicey trying to take it off again without breaking it. That said, it withstood the battering we gave it, so it should last pretty well if you’re careful with it.

The case leaves the 30-pin docking plug open, which means it’s open to the elements, but on the other hand you should be able to dock the iPod with some accessories without taking the case off. The screen gains a glossy shine from the polycarbonate casing, but otherwise viewing it is not impaired.

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