iHome iP1 full review

The iHome iP1's chunky glass panel may be an acquired taste visually, but we rather like it. Aside from its striking looks, the iP1’s big draw is its Bongiovi Acoustic DPS technology. This is designed to enhance the sound output of compressed audio files. It’s basically a dynamic equaliser that constantly tweaks the audio as it’s played to give it a boost in the sonic areas that require it.

There’s a button on the unit and on the remote that turns this feature on and off. With it on, the output is lush and clear, with excellent bass and treble output. It’s slightly thin in the mids, but that’s nitpicking.

On quiet bits in tracks, we found the iP1 can be a bit hissy, probably while the tech works out what’s going on in the track. On the whole though, it’s a striking improvement. The sound with Bongiovi off is OK, just flatter and less separated.

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