iSkin for iPod nano full review

iSkin’s new range of cases for second-generation iPod nanos maintains the company’s track record for portable protection, adding just 1.65mm to the player’s overall bulk. Better still, you don’t just get one case in the pack, you get three, so you can change your case colour as and when the mood takes you. Each set of three cases ships with a single durable plastic-constructed belt clip, called the RevoClip, and one clear plastic screen protector, dubbed Visor.

Unlike some iPod cases, which offer a clear plastic screen protector that hides between the case and the iPod, the Visor clips on top of the case, and offers full protection for the entire front of the player, with an open circle above the scroll wheel so you can control your iPod. All iPod functions are available, and as the case adds so little bulk, you will often be able to use your nano with docks and other devices that use the dock connector. While the Visor’s connection to the iPod seems substantial enough, it’s easy to manually remove. This suggests the face plate may slip off accidentally if carrying your player in your pocket. Despite this it offers good scratch protection and is likely to defray some of the impact damage should you accidentally drop your nano. Similarly, the belt clip is unlikely to snap immediately if you snag it against a table edge or door, but may break if forced. It revolves around a central point.

The company has applied an anti-dust casing inside the cases. This helps ensure you don’t accidentally pack some potentially abrasive particles with your iPod when you pop it into its case. This coating continues on the exterior, meaning the case is easy to grip. The case includes a thin membrane that covers the face of the click wheel, so you can control what’s playing without getting the wheel dirty.

Three case collections are available, each containing three cases. They are: the Groove Pack (includes: ghost [white – glows in the dark], eclipse [black] and arctic [frosted clear]); the Chill Pack (which includes viper [bright purple], sonic [electric blue], and arctic); and the Cruise Pack (includes blush [pink], blaze [bright red] and arctic). Each pack is available directly from iSkin’s website.

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