iVak full review

The case itself is very simple, comprising two pieces of hard plastic with a strokeable, soft feel. In fact, Vakaadoo refers to these cases as its “Soft Feel” range.

The front piece features an opening for the click wheel as well as a clear plastic shield for the screen. The interesting aspect of the case is the way in which the two parts snap together. They form a very strong dovetail, two on the left and one on the right side, so the case fits together like a jigsaw. This creates a tight connection, although the corners on the right are a tad looser. Once clicked together you’ve got a cover that protects your iPod completely, including the screen. It also matches the shape of the iPod quite faithfully, and doesn’t add as much bulk as some iPod cases.

Frustratingly, it’s very difficult to open the case again. You need to use the included iVak key – basically a credit card shaped bit of plastic – to pry the two pieces apart. This is inconvenient when on the road, and easily lost. Should you misplace the card, the case can be pulled open from the bottom, as long as you can get over the fear of snapping it.

There’s no way to attach the case to a belt or otherwise secure it, but it does come with the handy Vakwrap. You can twist your wires around this to secure them when in transit, and also to tidy away extra cable so that it doesn’t swamp you when in use.

The iVak is available in two sizes to fit the 30GB iPod and the 60GB or 80GB versions.

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