Jam Jacket full review

The soft silicone case wraps around the nano; it’s a tight-fitting iPod garment that delivers a certain gravitas to the player. It’s an all-in-one case, and while it makes your slimline nano a little (3mm) thicker, that doesn’t make your player any harder to pocket. But it’s a no-frills option: there’s no belt clip, no lanyard (and no hook to attach one yourself) and no face protector.

We were concerned that the test unit we received may have shipped without the customary transparent iPod screen protector that typically comes with cases like these. The manufacturer confirmed this isn’t an omission, but is in fact a deliberate choice.

What you do get is a well-moulded case which wraps snugly around your media player. All ports are completely accessible – the company has left the bottom of the case (where the iPod’s dock and earphone connectors sit) open, offering no protection to those precious ports. The iPod lock is also accessible, and there’s no cover at all above the click wheel, not even a thin membrane.

Moving away from what this product lacks (for the moment), the silicone used in its manufacture is of particularly high quality. It feels cool and kind of textured to the touch, meaning your iPod becomes much easier to grip. A selection of breathing holes on the back of the case help keep your player ventilated. In another step to help you keep your fingers wrapped tightly around the player, DLO has placed a series of raised dots across the sides of the case, to the right and the left of the front (or back) of the iPod.

One noteworthy design feature of the rubber contraption is the bevel surrounding the holes which let you see the screen and the scroll wheel. In an attempt to boost the case’s tactile nature, the area bordering the screen is raised slightly, which creates a pleasing picture frame effect. Conversely, that which surrounds the click wheel is indented, so it’s easy to find the click wheel in the dark.

The key attractant here is the way it feels to touch – silky-smooth and tactile. However, the two available colours (black and clear) aren’t sufficiently radical to make your player stand out, and when it comes to protecting essential ports, screen and click wheel, the Jam Jacket doesn’t offer much.

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