Kickstand full review

Available in black or white, the Kickstand is manufactured from high-quality leather. Single-stitched throughout, clear plastic windows are sewn in to protect the screen and click wheel of your iPod.

The click wheel remains usable despite the plastic protector, and the screen is also clearly visible. We did encounter a slight tendency to skip menu items when controlling the click wheel through the plastic, mainly because that plastic is a little slippery to the touch. This improves over time as you get used to the slightly different behaviour of that wheel when controlled through the plastic.

You’ll notice that the design leaves no protection for the bottom of the player. It would perhaps be an improvement if the securing strap were wide enough to completely cover the dock connector to provide a little protection against dust. It does mean you can use other devices that employ the dock while the iPod is in its case. The supplied detachable carabiner clip attaches to the strap. You use the clip to secure your player: while the clip’s very robust it seems the fragile point in this securing mechanism is the strap itself – if your player gets caught against something the main stress point will be where the strap is attached to the case. The case’s interior is covered with soft material to avoid accidental scratches when you slide your iPod in or out.

The Kickstand’s design leaves the iPod’s corners exposed, but the back, front, most of the sides, and top of the iPod are protected. The top has holes punched in to make the headphone port and lock button accessible.

The case has a split above the middle between the click wheel and iPod screen. The back of the case is in once piece, with a seam across the middle. The effect is that you can fold the case’s two halves at 45°, securing them in place with the push-button stud mounted on the strap. The case can then be used as a stand when you want to watch movies or TV shows on your player. One problem with this design is that the split in the front of the case that enables the fold cannot be secured, meaning there’s a chance for dust particles to climb in with your player.

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