Myvu Crystal full review

Myvu’s Crystal headset is another attempt at iPod eyewear that attempts to beam video straight from your iPod to your eyes.

Microoptical, the company behind Myvu, developed its optical tech for the military, but has kindly adapted it for peace-loving civilians like us. The Crystal is the company’s latest effort.

One of Myvu’s claims to fame is that it uses optics you can see through, so while you will see an uninterrupted image inside the glasses, windows in front also let in light to give you situational awareness – you can
see people walking towards you and avoid bumping into stuff.

The headset sports canalbud-style earpieces, and Myvu provides several tips to fit a variety of ear sizes. The silicone nosepad is adjustable, and you can also order a prescription lens insert.
Inside the headset is a solid optical display that sports 640 x 480 pixel (VGA) resolution, although the image is still restricted to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Images are bright and well-defined. One strange side-effect of the Crystal’s design is that you’ll sometimes be subjected to glare from ambient light, either from the sun or from whatever light source you have in your room.

Inside the inline remote is a rechargeable, lithium-polymer battery which is good for about four hours continuous use. The battery can be recharged via the supplied USB cable.

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