nano fling

Coming in a variety of eye-popping designs, the nano fling case is hard to miss. It’s available in a variety of metallic hues, as well as several ‘snakeskin’ and ‘crocodile’ textures.

Like most flip cases, the controls aren’t accessible with the nano fling’s front flap closed, though the headphone jack is. Flip open the flap – which is secured with a hidden magnetic clasp – and you find a mirror embedded in the inside cover and a sleeve into which you slide the nano. Once in place, the nano’s controls and screen are accessible through a clear plastic window. The iPod is fully covered, except for the bottom corners, so you have to remove it from the case to access the nano’s dock connector.

The fling includes an elastic loop on the back that can hold a tube of lipstick – or, for those not inclined to carry lipstick, a set of earbuds. We tried using it to hold some pens, but it didn’t work, as they were much longer than the case.

Unfortunately, the loop increases the case’s otherwise slim profile, and in testing ended up getting in the way more than anything else. The fling also includes a detachable wrist strap and a superfluous DLO-branded ‘charm’ that’s not easily removable.


The nano fling is a perfectly usable case with a few additional features that will appeal to a certain segment of the market. It doesn’t skimp on protection, either – the front flap and the back of the case are both sturdy and well padded, so you needn’t worry about sacrificing safekeeping for looks. Those who don’t find themselves in need of a mirror for reasons of personal appearance can always use it to signal to friends in Morse code or deflect laser beams. Just a suggestion.

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