Prie Ambassador for iPod nano full review

The Ambassador’s dock connector is easy to access with the tab unsnapped, though you’ll have to take the nano out to place it in a dock cradle. Both the click wheel and screen are accessible through rugged, clear-plastic windows and, as a bonus feature, the Ambassador includes a third window on the back, just in case you’ve had your nano engraved. In the absence of any decoration, the back of the nano makes a surprisingly good mirror.

The large metal hook is reassuringly heavy and feels solid when you clip the Ambassador onto a belt loop. We were prepared to mark the case down for the fact the hook is so heavy it ought to be detachable, but it turns out (to our embarrassment) that, of course, the hook is indeed removable. The design of that particular feature is clever, too, since it doesn’t compromise the hook’s sturdiness.

Our one real complaint is the case includes a removable plastic belt-buckle for extra security – but this feels cheap, and it’s hard to attach to the case (you have to slide it through a leather loop on the back) and even harder to remove once you have it attached (we had to pry it out with the help of a screwdriver). Moreover, the clip attaches the Ambassador to your belt sideways, which is convenient for those perhaps looking to use it while jogging, but in some ways seems redundant with the vastly superior hook present.

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