ReCharge 4 full review

We like the ReCharge4 recharger for iPods because it’s no one-trick pony – it recharges most mobile phones and the iPod shuffle, too. It’s an all-in-one solution, and while utilitarian it isn’t ugly, and really helps cut cable clutter.

Murphy’s Law dictates that if you travel without your mobile devices’ various chargers and cables, they will run out of power at the worst possible time. This is unlikely to happen with the ReCharge4. The device holds enough juice (4,800mAh) to recharge your iPod or phone up to four times. What that means is that if you use an iPod nano 2G, you’ll enjoy up to 120 hours non-stop music from the player (24 hours from charging it before you leave home, and another 96 hours from the ReCharge4).

Available in black or white, the ReCharge ships with adaptors for most major mobile phones (from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung) and a dock connector for your iPod. Connections are also available to buy for the PSP, and Nintendo DS and DS Lite. It comes with a linen cable bag and an AC adaptor. Another useful feature is that your power supply pal lets you recharge and use your iPod or mobile phone even when it’s plugged into the mains supply. This means you can carry all three devices and just one AC adaptor.

It’s not particularly bulky – 85 x 41 x 20mm – but there is some weight to it (480g). At the bottom of the unit sits a port to connect it to the mains, while the top right-hand side hosts a small port to connect to the device you want to recharge. The front of the unit hosts an elliptical silver button that causes a series of eight lights to shine. These lights tell you how much power the ReCharge4 has left, which is a nice touch. According to the manufacturers it takes six hours to fully charge the unit, but with 120 hours of iPod playback time to look forward to, that’s not too long to wait.

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