SE210 full review

At £100 the SE210 set offers a lot, but at a lower price Shure would own this sector. As the entry-level set in Shure’s new four-strong range of high-tech canalphones, the SE210s aren’t as advanced as their peers, but do offer sound reproduction that’s streets ahead of similar products.

Like the rest of the range, these headphones ship with a case, a three-foot headphone cable extension lead and a collection of sleeves in different sizes for various-shaped ears. Once you find the sleeve that suits you best, putting these into your ears is quite comfortable and you get a good fit; the earbuds won’t fall out when you’re running for the bus, and your ears won’t hurt after wearing them for a few hours. As with the other headphones in the range, the capacity of these headphones to block out external sound is excellent, so do watch the traffic when you cross the road or run for that bus.

If you don’t like excess cable it’s a little annoying that the cable is quite short and must be used with a three-foot extension lead, but this lets you buy a range of accessories, including the Push-To-Hear adaptor.

The major technical difference between this set and the rest of the range is the inclusion of just one high-definition MicroSpeaker – by contrast the top-of-the-range SE530s offer three more sophisticated speakers – so the question must be: “Does the system deliver the sound you want for your money?”.

Well, yes, it does. We felt these headphones competed positively with the next model up in the range, the SE310. We found the bass much more satisfying, though treble and mid-range sounds weren’t quite as excellent as found in the pricier set – presumably because the one speaker does all the work. If you shop around you can get a sound almost as good from other manufacturers for less – it’s worth taking a look at canalphones from Etymotic and V-moda, for example. Despite that reservation, Shure knows its audio technologies and the single speaker featured in this set does deliver high-quality audio across the supported sonic range (25Hz-18.5kHz), even at high volume. These are excellent headphones capable of reproducing great sound.

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