Sportsuit Runabout for 2G iPod shuffle full review

The latest in Marware’s line of exercise accessories for various iPod models, the Sportsuit Runabout for 2G shuffle is available in all black or blue and black. The Runabout package is made of Marware’s ‘Orca’ neoprene, which is both lightweight and very comfortable; in fact, the Runabout is the lightest and most comfortable iPod armband we’ve tested.

And if the size of your arm corresponds to one of the band’s Velcro patches, you get a secure fit, even during rigorous activities. On the other hand, one downside of using discrete Velcro patches along the band is that if your arm size is between two patches, the band doesn’t fit as securely. We recommend buying the Runabout from a retailer with a reasonable return policy so that you can make sure your own arm fits well.

The Runabout holds your shuffle using the simplest of methods: a non-elastic nylon strap onto which you clip your shuffle using the shuffle’s built-in clip. This approach doesn’t seem very secure, but the nylon strap is the same width as that of the shuffle’s clip and is stretched tight against the armband, so once on the strap, the shuffle doesn’t slide around, and we were unable to dislodge it even when we shoot it around. After a good amount of use we came away satisfied that the Runabout’s simple design was a secure one.

On the other hand, unlike Griffin’s Tempo armband, the Runabout positions your shuffle horizontally across the armband rather than lengthwise along the armband. This means that when you pull your arm across your body to look at the shuffle, the shuffle is still oriented sideways. With the Tempo, the shuffle is oriented so that its controls are in the right position (Volume Up facing up, Volume Down facing down, and so on). We ended up placing the shuffle in the Runabout upside down, so that its Volume Up button was facing forwards – we found that this arrangement made it easier to use the shuffle’s controls than having the Volume Up button towards your shoulder. Not a deal-breaker, but a design quirk nonetheless.

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