StreetParty Size 0 full review

Slim is in these days. And while in the celebrity magazine world this is a cause for indignation and fury, in the gadget world it is cause for celebration. Paris Hilton’s size-0 frame makes her a bad role model, but the super-slim build of Gear4’s new iPod speaker system makes it well worth a look.

The StreetParty Size 0’s miniscule frame is impressive, at just 16mm thick. The unit folds flat, and opens out into an upward-slanting speaker system with a kickstand and an iPod docking station. Standing up it looks sleek, although it wobbles like a 70s sitcom set if you prod your iPod’s controls while it’s docked, and the adjustable stand feels extremely snappable if you pick it up when it’s all set up.

Obviously, with a speaker the width of your index finger and as tall as a half-pint glass, you’re not going to get a deafening wall of sound. But, unlike Paris Hilton, the StreetParty Size 0 knows its limits. It doesn’t go so loud that it distorts beyond recognition, topping out at a volume that’s perfect for a hotel room or a tent.

Volume aside, the sound is impressive. Bass is weak, but crucially doesn’t distort at high volumes, so doesn’t irritate too much during a casual listen. Setting your iPod to the Small Speakers mode will take away a bit of tinniness and give you a totally listenable sound.

The StreetParty Size 0 is well equipped in other areas. It features a USB socket for syncing your iPod to a computer, as well as an audio line-in socket for compatibility with other audio devices.

Power comes from the supplied AC mains adaptor (a European socket adaptor is also included) or you can run it off four AA batteries when out and about. When plugged into a mains power source, it will also charge your iPod.

The unit comes with a slightly ropey remote control – the buttons are unresponsive and its horribly unintuitive compared to the iPod.

Overall, the sound is perfectly passable, especially for the traveller, although it’s probably best for a week away rather than a backpacking gap year.

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