Tempo for Shuffle full review

Griffin’s Tempo for shuffle is one of several armbands for the second-generation (2G) iPod shuffle designed to be used during exercise. The Tempo’s 1.5in-wide armband is made of an elastic fabric with a soft, Velcro-like surface on the outside. At one end is a metal loop and at the other is a rubber tab with a 1.5in square Velcro patch.

You thread the tab through the loop and press the Velcro patch against any part of the armband. Because the entire length of the armband has this Velcro-like surface, the Tempo will fit any upper arm from 11-14in in circumference nearly perfectly. Many of the other armbands we’ve tested use Velcro patches along the armband – like notches on a belt, these rarely give you a perfect fit, so the Tempo scores points here.

You can also fit smaller arms – or even wrists – if you don’t mind looping the strap over the top of your shuffle. However, used this way, you can’t easily access your shuffle’s controls.

We like how the Tempo positions the iPod shuffle vertically on your arm – most other armbands place the player horizontally. When you pull your arm across your body to look at the shuffle, this sideways orientation means that the shuffle’s control pad is in the right position with Volume Up facing up, Volume Down facing down and so on. On the other hand, like Marware’s Sportsuit Runabout, the Tempo leaves your iPod completely exposed to the elements or accidental damage. If you run only in dry weather or work out in a gym where there’s little risk of banging your upper arm against the equipment, the issue of protection may not matter to you, but it’s something to think about when considering the Tempo.

One other minor complaint we have is that the surface of the inside of the Tempo’s armband is actually rougher than the soft Velcro surface on the outside. Although the fabric keeps the Tempo in place well, at times it felt a bit scratchy.

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