zCover Windshield Clip full review

If you don’t have a swanky car stereo that integrates your iPod, you may want a stable stand for your iPod so that you can use a cassette adaptor or Bluetooth transmitter. If the cup or cassette holder, or indeed the passenger seat, are too untidy for you, you might like to try the zCover Windshield Clip.

It’s a relatively safe and stable iPod mount. Drivers simply need to attach the clear plastic mounting to their windscreen (or any other clean and glossy flat surface), using its suction cup.

The product consists of the rubber suction cup, which is itself mounted on the underside of a circular tough plastic base. Attached to the base is a see-through plastic arm, which can be moved through 180-degrees, from the bottom to the top of the circular base’s circumference. At the other end of the arm there’s a device designed to connect to a little plastic clip that’s in turn connects the plastic arm to your iPod, as long as it is in a zCover case. The arm-mounted device moves through 180-degrees on a horizontal axis to help you get your device into the best possible position.

We had no problem ensuring our music player’s navigation screen was clearly visible. Because the stand uses moving parts, you’ll shift your iPod out of position if you try to change tracks when you are driving – pick a playlist before you travel and remember that the physical use of devices such as these and mobile phones is frowned on by traffic police these days. In use, do ensure you have securely attached the suction cup to your windscreen. Speed bumps and pothole-ridden council-ignored residential roads will soon let you know if you have failed, as your iPod bounces merrily to your car’s floor.

We found the suction achieved better results when rendered slightly moist, but we found the suction suffered as we drove on a sunny day. As the rubber suction pad warmed up, its connection to the windshield grew weaker. The Windshield Clip may not be an ideal solution if you’re about to set off on the Paris to Dakkar rally, but for most UK weather conditions the solution’s fine. And the criticism doesn’t apply if you connect the device to the dashboard.

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