Austin Powers Operation:Trivia

Where there’s a blockbuster film, a computer game spin-off is never far behind, and Austin Powers: The spy who shagged me is no exception. And, in the finest tradition of film spin-offs, it doesn’t live up to its original. All the shagadelic essentials are there – the catch phrases and the time-warp sex puns – but beyond this, it appears that little thought went into the game. The plot is suitably ludicrous: Dr Evil has kidnapped our hero, and his life – and the fate of the world – rests on the outcome of a game show, held at the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club. Sierra has succeeded in making the game groovier than the average pub quiz, but there’s no depth – not enough questions and too few rounds. Also, the interludes between rounds becomes tedious. The cheesy graphics and throwback music are mildly amusing – but not for long. One major problem for Powers fans in the UK is the questions are US-oriented and haven’t been changed for the British gamer.


If you’re a big Powers fan, the feel of the game will probably be enough. For the rest of us, as the trailer goes, if you buy only two games this year, don’t make either of them this one.

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