ChronoSync full review

While researching and reviewing Syncplicity in the last issue, we kept finding endorsements and praise for
ChronoSync – a desktop backup and synchronisation tool. The praise turns out to be well deserved.

While tools like Syncplicity, Drop Box and Carbonite integrate with your OS, enabling you to right-click folders for online backup, ChronoSync is a menu based tool that allows you to configure what, where and how to synchronise your files.

The tool’s flexible enough to allow you to choose just about any destination – Mac or PC, directly connected or on a server. This flexibility means the application’s not quite as straightforward as the slew of online services currently popping up, but connecting to source can be as easy as dragging a folder – whether local, on your network or on the net – to the correct setup pane.

Once a connection has been established, you can choose exactly how the backup will be performed and on which files. The Options and Rules panes give you a staggering amount of control over the process, letting you make decisions on everything from granular file choice to specific sync triggers.

The type of synchronisation or backup you perform is up to you. It can be bi-directional or one way, a direct backup or incremental copy. You can move or duplicate files. The level of choice available is the sign of a mature and highly functional app.

As the name suggests, backups can be scheduled any time you like. And, the whipped cream on the apple pie, ChronoSync can be used to create bootable backups of your entire system to any targeted destination.

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