CleanApp 3 full review

Users switching from Windows to Mac OS X will be bewildered by one glaring omission from the operating system. There’s no built in tool to remove applications.

Some hardcore Mac users may shrug at this – what’s the point? There’s no registry on a Mac; the system disc is automatically optimised so it’s not as though there’s a problem with fragmentation.

Still, when you install apps on your Mac, they generate files all over your disc. Library files, preference entries and so on. Some boot with your operating system. Tracking down those bits and pieces manually can be a pain, which is why we use title="CleanApp 3" target="_blank">CleanApp 3. In version 3, this handy tool has become essential, with a much improved interface, workflow and feature set.

The previous version of CleanApp was a simple, single pane affair. In this update, you have tabbed access to Applications, Preference Panes, Archives, Cache files and more. The tool will hunt down any of those files and eliminate them on your command.

For our money, the best feature is application logging. This is the true, missing OS X feature. When you install applications, CleanApp 3 remembers where they deposit new files on your system. Later, when you need more room or get fed up of waiting for the app to initialise at startup, you can blitz it with a single click. All of it.

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