Cocktail full review

Your Mac has a slew of powerful features built in that are accessible through the terminal window. Cocktail collects together many of these commands so that you can access them with a couple of clicks instead.

The software’s divided into six separate categories that help you tweak disks, run system checks, change file and network settings, customise your interface and perform maintenance tasks. All these tasks are accomplished through a simple, elegantly designed panel that wouldn’t look out of place in your existing Preferences window.

There are some powerful tools here – some that novice users should treat with caution. Fortunately, there are clear warnings in cases where an errant click could clear your keyboard settings or wipe out aliases. That’s more than you get when tapping out commands in the Terminal window.

The program takes the guesswork out of getting a clean machine. Though the Interface section repeats some settings you’ll find in Preferences, it makes sense to have Dock, Exposé, Finder, and Login tools together in one window.

The Network tab enables you to optimise arcane settings like MTU size and network speed, choosing from pre-programmed profiles if you wish. The Pilot section, on the other hand, gives you single-click access to all your Mac’s built-in maintenance jobs.

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