Disk Drill full review

Currently in beta, Disk Drill’s a great data recovery tool for a number of reasons. The most important is that you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use it. That’s a huge bonus. Most similar tools are targeted at the geek market, with impenetrable interfaces and unfathomable commands. Disk Drill’s interface is bright and bold and helps you through every stage of the recovery process.

There are two major tasks Disk Drill enables. First, it can protect your local Mac drive. With the application’s Protection Vault switched on, you have the best possible chance of recovering deleted data. It keeps a record of deleted files, and their names and locations on your hard drive. So, if you click Empty Trash by accident, there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to get that file back. Especially if it’s fairly soon after the deed has been done.

Disk Drill combines this with more traditional data recovery features. It can scan FAT and NTFS drives for orphaned data, identify file types and even original names where possible. As a final option, it can perform a deep scan of your drive. This can take some time and success is variable. But we’re talking about an application that retrieves deleted files here, and that’s standard. For the record, we found it worked well in our tests, retrieving some files we’d thought were long gone.

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