Drive Genius 3 full review

Imagine that Disk Utility, your Mac’s bundled disk management, partitioning and verification tool, had been down to the gym. And not just in a half-hearted, trying out the treadmill then getting in the sauna for a bit sort of way. We mean, booking a personal trainer and sticking to a weekly regime. For six months. The result would be Drive Genius 3.

There’s everything in Drive Genius you’d expect from a disk utility. You can verify volumes and fix permissions, repair corruption and initialise drives. But there are other features too - like a defragmentation tool that reorders contiguous sectors on your drive for better performance. In version 3 this is enhanced and has a brand new interface. There’s a full suite that analyses your configuration and tests it for performance too. And there’s Shred, a secure disk wiping feature that removes all trace of data from any OS X volume.

Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius has helped us get out of a couple of scrapes with disk corruption before. Now it offers tools that’ll warn you before it gets to that stage.

One of the consistent themes of Drive Genius is that it offers a complete package for a price and in a field where single function tools are the norm. For example, it clones drives just like Super Duper, defragments volumes like iDefrag. It also enables you to search for duplicate files, large files and fillet redundant language support from Universal Binaries. The feature, called DriveSlim, does the same job as two separate apps, TidyUp! and Monolingual.

Drive Genius 3 boasts brand new features and a revamped, user-friendly interface. It looks less like a Disk Utility clone and more like a dedicated suite of drive tools. The biggest new features are 64 bit compatibility and RAID support. Email notification can be set up to let you know when long running tasks have completed. In one iteration, Drive Genius has graduated from a desktop troubleshooter to a server configuration must-have.  There are enhancements to defragmentation and partitioning too.

The flashiest new functionality is Drive Pulse, a feature that monitors your machine for drive issues, alerting you to potential problems before they get too big to handle. It’s a brave shift from disaster recovery to crisis prevention - and one we’re sure will encourage many more users to check the software out.

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