FileChute 4.3 full review

We first looked at FileChute a couple of years ago and nothing has come along since that matches its simplicity functionality. Meanwhile, the developers have quietly been adding useful features under the bonnet.

The basics are easy to explain. FileChute is a file transfer tool, using FTP or WebDAV to upload archive, images or other large files to a target destination. The emphasis here is on ease of use – you set up a destination, then drag and drop files or entire folders to the FileChute icon. There’s no need to manually establish a connection or even click a button, FileChute does it for you, seamlessly. If your file isn’t already compressed, FileChute can do it for you on the fly – archiving in dmg, zip or the Linux-favoured tar format.

The cleverest bit is yet to be explained. FileChute generates a URL for your transfer, ready to paste into emails or an IM window. And unlike other FTP tools, FileChute automatically sets an expiry time on files that you upload – deleting them when their time is up, if that’s what you want.

Since we last reviewed FileChute, it’s added a few new features worth a mention. Support for multiple URL shortening services makes it easier to tweet or instant message file links, and you can switch between services. Support for .Mac has changed to MobileMe – though other WebDAV services can still be configured. It’s also fully Snow Leopard compliant.

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