FileSalvage 6.0 Review

There are few sounds more demoralising than the noise the trash can makes as it empties – half a second after you realise you dragged the wrong file to it. FileSalvage 6.0 could help you get back on an even keel.

Soon after an easy installation you’ll be scanning you’re hard drive for deleted files and bad blocks. Cleverly, the software’s device and file system are independent, which means you can use it to scan external drives and memory cards as well as your fixed drive. It can even find files on scratched CDs or a range of disk image formats. The developers claim it can retrieve accidentally deleted and corrupt data, as well as data on a re-initialised drive. The software even has built in methods to circumvent the quirks of skipping drives and dusty disks.

File Salvage is limited to a range of file types – but don’t let that put you off. It recognises well over 100 of the most popular document formats. In our tests it discovered images in diverse formats: Flash, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, GarageBand, and QuickTime media.

In its sixth iteration, FileSalvage has picked up some features that make it faster and more reliable than less mature entries in the market. For example, it doesn’t write new data to the drive it’s working on, instead recovering files to an external drive, USB key, or second partition. This is a safety feature to prevent data overwrites. You can perform quick scans by selecting Free Space Only. This increases the likelihood of finding intact files and makes the process breeze by.


FileSalvage is part of a range of recovery tools and is the most comprehensive consumer offering of the lot. It’s double the price of its more limited siblings – but you won’t discover its true worth until you really need it.

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