iArchiver full review

It’s rare that we review an application we know will become part of our standard toolkit. iArchiver is one of those programs. If you’ve been loyal to Stuffit all these years, prepare to have your world changed. iArchiver does the work of both Stuffit Expander and DropStuff. It’s not partisan either. iArchiver creates archives in a variety of formats, opens even more and can convert obscure archives into file types that more people can read.

iArchiver does all this in an interface that doesn’t require a post-graduate degree in rocket tectonics to understand it. The program has just three tabs; Create, Extract and Convert. In Create you can drag and drop files to a list or use the Add button to browse. Name the archive and select a format from the drop-down menu – including the popular ZIP, TAR and DMG file types. Archives can be optionally encrypted with a password to keep out prying eyes.

Move over to the Extract window and there’s a simple drag-and-drop field that will open all the formats previously mentioned, as well as SIT, HQX, 7-Zip, RAR, LHA and other archive types. Having said that, the program doesn’t recognise SITX format files – a flaw that means you may have to hold on to Stuffit Expander for a little longer.

The final conversion window offers up two drag-and-drop slots – one for the original archive, the other for converted results. Again, iArchiver reads a wider range of types than it can create. As ZIP and DMG will extract on Leopard without any further tools required, it makes sense to use those.

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