Macaroni full review

Macaroni – it’s surprising that no one else has used that name for a Mac application. In fact, our guess is that quite a few people probably did then, discovering the existence of this handy disk and system maintenance scheduler, had to change their project name to ‘Tortellini’ or ‘Ravioli’.

Actually, there’s a good reason why Macaroni is called Macaroni. The ‘Mac’ part is obvious. The second bit is from ‘cron’ the short version of crontab, the Unix command that’s used to schedule commands. That’s exactly what Macaroni does, schedules terminal commands that are then periodically carried out for you – specifically, a series of built-in repair and disk clean-up routines.

If you leave your Mac running all the time, some of these jobs run automatically anyway. The beauty of Macaroni is that it lets you decide when these tasks will be performed. Another big plus is that if your machine is switched off when a clean up is due, it’ll do it the next time you switch it on instead.

So, what does it do? Macaroni handles five kinds of maintenance job. It cleans up stray temporary files and folders on a daily basis to start with. Its main weekly task is rebuilding your system databases. Every month, Macaroni checks your log files too. In addition to these standard, scheduled tasks, the application runs the ‘repair permissions’ process using the command line version of Disk Utility and cleans out localised language files you don’t need.

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