MegaPhone full review

Formerly known as iPhoneDrive, MegaPhone adds welcome synchronisation and transfer features to you iPhone or iPod touch. The iPhone’s already pretty handy as a PDA, but MegaPhone bolts on disk access facilities and note creation tools that boost that functionality.

Access your iPhone or iPod touch as though it were formatted as an external volume. Now you can move files to and from the iPhone, using it like a USB storage device. You can already access stored files on your iPhone, but the ability to move around larger files is welcome. If you need to add readable files you can do that too. There’s enhanced support for notes, which can be in plain text, Word, HTML or PDF format. These can be edited within MegaPhone too.

Photos and music are no longer tied to their respective Mac applications, iPhoto and iTunes, with MegaPhone installed. Both can be backed up to any folder on your machine, for easy transfer to other devices or software. Of course, you can also choose to open media in their associated programs too – batch adding music to iTunes or photos to iPhoto.

Our favourite feature is restricted to the iPhone. You can extract SMS messages to your documents folder or read them in MegaPhone – just like reading emails. You can even drag and drop individual messages to your machine. On the same tack, MegaPhone provides access to your iPhone’s call log, enabling you to back it up and open it as a spreadsheet. The software connects with your Mac’s address book to identify the callers.

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