Renamer4Mac review

If there were an industry prize for most literally titled software product, Renamer4Mac would surely be near the top of the short list. It renames files on your Mac. End of story.

Of course, there’s a little more to it in than that. The clever and intuitive ways that this genuine gem enables you to filter through files and folders make you wonder its features aren’t already built into Finder. The idea’s so simple – and elegantly executed.

Renamer4Mac is a batch renaming tool, enabling you to target filenames or their extensions and change as many as you like with a few key strokes. In default ‘Search and Replace’ mode it replaces one string of text with another. ‘Insert’ lets you place text anywhere in a filename, appending or overwriting the existing content. ‘Remove’ removes a fixed number of letters from file names while ‘Number’ lets you sequentially add numbers to anywhere in a file. Finally ‘Convert Case’ changes upper case to lower and vice versa. Handy when working through batches of files created on different operating systems.


The various modes work using a tab based dialogue system. At around £14, Renamer4Mac is a brilliant buy – an ideal add-on to Finder’s existing toolset. Great for all Mac users, it’s a must-have in the design studio, where the curse of poorly named files and inconsistent extensions is rife. Buy ResizeMe (reviewed in September 2008 issue) and DragoMan from the same developer, and you get Renamer4Mac free. Can’t be bad.

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