SmartBackup full review

You don’t realise how important it is to make regular backups until the day your machine refuses to start. SmartBackup is the ideal tool for people new to the concept. For single users, complex scheduling, multiple backup modes and myriad device choices just confuse matters. With SmartBackup you just select a target folder on any attached device – including external drives and .mac accounts – then back up your files to it.

You can choose a specific folder to make backups from or choose from the tool’s comprehensive menu of ready-to-go options. These include Address Book files, iPhoto folders, keychains and more. You can also create separate folders on your target media to accommodate each, adding as many backups to a session as you like. Even full system backups are possible when you launch in Superuser mode.

SmartBackup is so named because its default behaviour is to synchronise files rather than blindly copy one folder over another. This ensures that the process is speedy as well as easy, saving only those files that are new or have changed. You can also configure the tool to exclude specific files.

When you need to access your saved files in future, simply select the configured backup in the application’s list and choose Restore. The software stores a copy of the original backup configuration in the backup folder.

We were impressed by SmartBackup’s integration with the Mac. For example, you can use it back up the results of a Spotlight saved search or schedule it to launch and do its job with iCal. The result is a tool that’s refreshingly free of extraneous features.

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